Setting Rules

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Game Mechanic Terminology Changes

In order to match the in-universe term for the concept, Power Points are renamed Magicka, but function the same way.

New Magic System

In The Elder Scrolls, all characters have the ability to use magic with only the most rudimentary training. Therefore, it is not necessary to take the Arcane Background Edge in order for a character to be able to cast magic. For the purposes of Edge
prerequisites, all characters are considered to have Arcane Background (Magic) and start off with 10 Magicka, but no initial powers, unless otherwise specified. Magicka regenerates at a standard rate of one per hour. Characters do not suffer backlash with a
failed spell; it simply does not work.
Additional powers can either be gained by taking the New Power Edge or by purchasing a spell tome. The GM has more information on this.
More information on this can be found in the Magic System.

Excluded Skills

The Driving and Piloting skills are inappropriate for The Elder Scrolls and are not available. Use the Riding skill for driving stagecoaches and similar vehicles.

Learning By Doing

After character creation, characters may only increase skills if they have learned through trial and error and have spent time meditating on what they have learned. This learning comes by using skills extensively during gameplay or by hiring a trainer to teach them. The GM has the final say on whether or not the character has had sufficient practice to warrant an increase in a skill.


All Wild Card characters are automatically granted the Birthsign Edge and receive the benefits of being born under a particular constellation. It is recommended that the character’s birthsign be determined randomly using the table. More information can be found on the Birthsigns page.

Critical Failures

When a character rolls double 1’s on a Trait roll, he can’t spend a Benny—he’s stuck with the critical failure.

Multiple Languages

Some settings feature characters and cultures who typically speak many different languages. If this Setting Rule is in play, your hero knows his cultural or national language plus an additional number of languages equal to half his Smarts die.
An elf with a d8 Smarts in a swords & sorcery campaign, for example, knows Elvish and four other languages—perhaps human, dwarven, and two others of her choosing.

Setting Rules

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