Magic System

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All powers are linked to one of the six schools of magic, each of which is represented by a skill. These skills are:

  • Alteration (Spirit): Making temporary changes to objects in the physical world
  • Conjuration (Smarts): Summoning creatures and creating magical weapons and armor
  • Destruction (Spirit): Inflicting damaging and detrimental effects on enemies
  • Illusion (Smarts): Affecting an individual’s perception and mind
  • Mysticism (Smarts): Bending Magicka itself to trap souls and provide supernatural extensions to one’s senses
  • Restoration (Spirit): Healing, curing, and fortifying

Each of these skills may be used untrained. Spells can only be cast with a successful roll of the appropriate magic skill. A caster cannot use more than one magic skill in the same round.

There are only a few Trappings available for use in The Elder Scrolls, and these must be picked individually per power learnt.

  • Acid
  • Fire
  • Frost
  • Shock
  • Necromantic (Necromancy Background Edge)

Schools of Magic

Name Trait
Alteration Spirit
Conjuration Smarts
Destruction Spirit
Illusion Smarts
Mysticism Smarts
Restoration Spirit


Name Rank
Shape Change Special
Burrow Novice
Elemental Manipulation Novice
Environmental Protection Novice
Slowfall Novice
Speed Novice
Wall Walker Novice
Barrier Seasoned
Growth/Shrink Seasoned
Jump Seasoned
Quickness Seasoned
Slow Seasoned
Fly Veteran
Intangibility Heroic
Name Rank
Armor Novice
Summon Daedra Novice
Entangle Novice
Smite Novice
Banish Veteran
Zombie Veteran
Name Rank
Bolt Novice
Burst Novice
Blast Seasoned
Damage Field Seasoned
Havoc Seasoned
Pummel Seasoned
Drain Magicka Heroic
Name Rank
Beast Friend Novice
Blind Novice
Confusion Novice
Darksight Novice
Deflection Novice
Fear Novice
Light/Obscure Novice
Stun Novice
Disguise Seasoned
Farsight Seasoned
Invisibility Seasoned
Slumber Seasoned
Puppet Veteran
Name Rank
Detect/Conceal Magicka Novice
Mind Reading Novice
Speak Language Novice
Dispel Seasoned
Divine Intervention Seasoned
Soul Trap Seasoned
Telekinesis Seasoned
Teleport Seasoned
Divination Heroic
Name Rank
Boost/Lower Trait Novice
Healing Novice
Succor Novice
Warrior’s Gift Seasoned
Greater Healing Veteran

Magic System

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