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Nearly every language derives from Ehlnofex, a progenitor language and considered dead from evolution. Its roots can be found in every language except for Draconic and Hist, which appeared to have evolved from other places.

Common Languages

  • Altmeris (Tamrielic) – derived from Aldmeris – spoken by most of the elves across Tamriel, this language has so much influence from Aldmeris that it shares a lot of words with most other languages.
  • Cyrodilic (Tamrielic) – derived from a combination of Ayleidoon, Nedic, Nordic, and Tsaesci – the ‘main’ language spoken by all people across Tamriel. Most trade is done in this language, especially if one deals with humans often.

Living Languages

  • Bosmerisderived from Altmeris – the language spoken by the Bosmer, the Wild Elves. Most commonly heard in Valenwood.
  • Dunmerisderived from Chimeris – the language spoken by the Dunmer, the Dark Elves. Most commonly heard in Morrowind, the language also has quite a lot of Dwemeris words in it, likely due to Chimer-Dwemer proximity during the First Council.
  • Jelderived from Hist – the native tongue of the Argonians, this language is nearly impossible for non-Argonians to speak given its difficulty in pronunciation. This is most commonly heard in the Black Marsh.
  • Nordicderived from Nedic and Draconic – the language spoken by the Nords, the sky-children. Most commonly heard in Skyrim.
  • Orcishderived from Aldmeris – the language spoken by the Orsimer, the Orcs. Most commonly spoken in Orsinium, originating from the Illiac Bay.
  • Ta’agraderived from Ehlnofex – the language spoken by the Khajiit, the cat-like race from Elsweyr.

Uncommon Languages

  • Akaviriderived from Ehlnofex – is the main language spoken on the continent of Akavir.
  • Draconicbase language – spoken by dragons, words formed by their letters often look similar to those of Magic Script.
  • Histbase language – this language is as close to ‘thought’ as one can imagine. An incredibly complex and difficult language to understand, only the most learned Argonians take the time to learn it.
  • Pyandoneanderived from Aldmeris – the language spoken by the Maormer, the Sea Elves. A rare language in terms of numbers, the Maormer usually only know Pyandonean.
  • Sloadderived from Ehlnofex – the language of the sluglike beastfolk from the Coral Kingdoms of Thras.
  • Tsaesciderived from Akaviri – is a relatively-unknown language spoken by the vampiric serpents that occupy parts of Akavir.

Ancient Languages

  • Aldmerisderived from Ehlnofex – was the language spoken by the first elves that settled Summerset Isle and mainland Tamriel.
  • Chimerisderived from Aldmeris – was the language spoken by the elves that broke away from the Aldmeri tribes on Summerset Isles. Dunmer are the most likely candidates to study this ancient language.
  • Daedricbase language? – spoken by the Daedra, this language is exceptionally common among cultists. Some words are similar to those found in Magic Script.
  • Ehlnofexbase language – the progenitor language of Nirn. Not much is known about this, though it is considered far more ancient than even Daedric.
  • Elderbase language? – deciphering the Elder Scrolls is nigh impossible without extensive training. Unfortunately, most of those who understand the language can never see it written again.
  • Magic Scriptbase language? – words of power, this language sounds Draconic when spoken aloud.
  • Nedicderived from Ehlnofex – a language spoken by the ancient Nedic peoples. A progenitor of the Bretons, some mages still learn the language as many books can be found with its script.

Dead Languages

  • Ayleidoonderived from Altmeris – was the language spoken by the Ayleids, the Wild Elves. Their ruins can be found almost everywhere in Tamriel and thus the language is still learned on occasion.
  • Dwemerisderived from Aldmeris – was the language spoken by the Dwemer, the Dwarves. Their ruins are oft explored by adventurers, so understanding of the dwarven language continues to grow.
  • Falmerisderived from Ayleidoon and Dwermis – was the language spoken by the Falmer, the Snow Elves. This is a difficult language to find any information about given the rarity of the Falmer.
  • Kothringiderived from Nedic – was the language spoken by the Kothringi, the Lustrous Folk. Originally considered the first humans to walk Tamriel, this language is difficult to learn and is generally of disinterest to scholars.
  • Yokuderived from Ehlnofex – was the language spoken by the Yokudans, the Redguards. Whatever happened to this language is lost to the sands of time.


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